GliTec® promises consistent and uniform gliding properties that make the additional use of PTFE or silicone spray unnecessary. This is made possible by a technology derived from the aerospace industry. Provided with this new highlight, high-quality anodized finishes are completely maintained. GliTec® opens exclusively and worldwide a new era of gliding features of profiles in the window decoration business.

Step by step, all our anodized profile designs will be equipped with the new GliTec® gliding characteristics. All profiles converted to GliTec® will be announced by newsletter and delivered marked with a corresponding GliTec® label.



Until now, the sliding properties of non-anodized profiles were achieved by the time-consuming and repeated application of a PTFE spray in the gliding channel. For this reason, we have developed SliTec, a gliding layer applied afterwards, which achieves a perfect result. SliTec makes it possible to achieve a uniform and smooth finish inside the glider channel with long-lasting sliding characteristics, while retaining the high-quality finishes unchanged. Particularly heavy fabrics are even easier to open and close thanks to SliTec.

Step by step we will change all non-anodized profiles to SliTec, mark them with a corresponding label and announce it by newsletter at an early stage. Look forward to the SliTec sliding properties of non-anodized profiles, which have been unknown until now and which are exclusively available at BÜSCHE®.