BÜSCHE Historie

From the wood screw to curtain pole sets

BÜSCHE’s history began in 1872, when Heinrich Büsche established a company along with three employees to manufacture wood screws. When the company founder died in 1923, the brothers Carl, Willi and Fritz Büsche continued to lead the business through the difficult years of hyperinflation. After the death of his brothers, Fritz Büsche held the sole responsibility for the company from 1939 to his own death in 1961. During these years the company also started making clothes hooks, brackets, eyelets, curtain rings, hold backs, ornamental hooks, stair rods and the first curtain rod and rail sets.

Technica progress and expansion

Harro Schumann, Fritz Büsche’s son-in-law, took over the running of BÜSCHE GmbH & Co. KG, continuously modernizing production and expanding the product range. In 1965 the company built a foundry on its premises in Neuenrade. In 1999 Friedrich Harr and Fernando Sanchez became partners and directors of the H. BÜSCHE GmbH & Co. KG alongside Harro Schumann. Existing facilities were replaced by modern CNC equipment, machining centres, environmentally friendly cleaning facilities and computer-controlled grinding and polishing robots. Harro Schumann died in August 2006 at the age of 81.

New build and strengthening the Büsche Brand

In 2014 BÜSCHE invested two million euros into building a new 2,300 square-metre logistics hall that is used for commissioning and storing the finished products. The new build has also created more room for the production area as well as for processing orders. The product portfolio was restructured under the umbrella brand BÜSCHE. With the publication of the 2015 catalogue it presented the brands BÜSCHE INSIDE, BÜSCHE TECDOR and BÜSCHE VION. After the long-standing director Friedrich Harr stepped down on age grounds, Fernando Sanchez became the company’s sole director in 2014, leading H. BÜSCHE GmbH & Co. KG into the future with great responsibility.