Philosophie VION 10 mm

Tradition and Future

BÜSCHE was established in 1872 and now develops, manufactures and sells curtain rod and rail sets, cord systems, rails, motorized sets and accessories for window decoration. Continuity, reliability and loyalty to the specialist trade are firm components of BÜSCHE’s company philosophy. BÜSCHE products stand out through their durability, functionality, first-class designs and the quality that comes with being ‘Made in Germany’. Outstanding availability and a market-oriented 3-brand strategy make BÜSCHE a reliable partner in the industry, forming the base for the company’s domestic and international success.


The Büsche 3-Brand Strategy

The umbrella brand BÜSCHE and the associated brands BÜSCHE INSIDE, BÜSCHE TECDOR and BÜSCHE VION make a unique product portfolio containing curtain rod and rail sets and accessories for window decoration available to wholesalers all around the world. With its clear commitment to the international wholesale sector, BÜSCHE emphasizes its reliability and sets unambiguous standards in its collaboration with its international partners. BÜSCHE offers the retail sector a unique variety of products, combined with a high degree of safety, exclusivity, reliability and support.

Made in Germany

As one of the few German suppliers of curtain sets, BÜSCHE manufactures its products exclusively in its Neuenrade location, with the quality assurance that comes with MADE IN GERMANY. All the raw materials used, such as stainless steel, aluminium and brass, are of German manufacture and are subject to constant quality control in-house at BÜSCHE. A highly qualified workforce, craftsmanship and the use of robot systems and cutting-edge CNC in our production plants guarantee a level of quality that customers all around the world appreciate: MADE IN GERMANY

BÜSCHE Philosophie