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A focus on quality

Quality means far more for BÜSCHE than just the use of first-class materials, the deployment of cutting-edge, process-optimized manufacturing techniques and the technical know-how of the dedicated workforce. Quality is at the heart of our everyday work at BÜSCHE! Even in the early stages when products are developed and prototypes created, BÜSCHE focuses on its high in-house standards for materials, surfaces, functionality, design and durability. In addition to modern production, the sophisticated and high-quality surface textures of the BÜSCHE production are also implemented in-house. This requires a great deal of experience and extensive knowledge on the part of everyone involved in the process.

Continuity creates trust

For BÜSCHE, quality starts with the selection and purchase of materials such as stainless steel, aluminium and brass exclusively from certified and reliable Made in Germany partners! In-house metallurgic testing procedures and the experience of generations guarantee a high degree of continuity in all production areas. The employees’ expertise and attention to detail allow products to be created that turn window decoration into something unique that enjoy a high reputation around the world.

Quality from southern westphalia

BÜSCHE products have been developed and manufactured in the Neuenrade location since 1872. Southern Westphalia is now one of Germany’s three strongest industrial regions. The regional focuses are metalworking and mechanical engineering. More than 85% of the businesses are, like BÜSCHE, family businesses that have grown over generations. Quality is not an empty concept here, nor is reliability just a punchy word. The work done here adheres to international quality standards and a great commitment to products Made in Germany. As a result, we produce curtain sets, wired systems, picture rails, motorized curtains and accessories which our customers are thrilled with.

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