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COLAR- Characteristics of lightness and weightlessness reminiscent of wings on a plane are personified in its flowing contour. The ornamental curves on each side add intrigue to this elegant profile adapted for wall or ceiling mount applications.


NEXUS is an original and strikingly bold profile unlike any other on the market today.

This avant-grade profile exemplifies everything that is functional, technical, and elegant as revealed by its methodical contrasting features. The wide flat underside hides a running channel, to give an illusion of floating panels. The side contour exposes a strikingly visual statement of elegance.


PUR has a shape comparable to other profiles, but its multifunctional attributes set it apart from the typical. This profile can add high tech appeal to any space large or small. A distinctive feature of this profile is its ability to support three different applications. PUR can be configured as a manual, cord control or motorized system.


Inspired by forms in nature, BOW appears light and gently curved without harsh edges or corners. During the design conception, the primary focal point was on the ornamental curves on both sides, as well as the focus on the fundamentals.